Chris Lewis-Hou

Generally speaking, I develop software


I don't blog all that often, but every now and then I'll find myself with the time/motivation to try and write something interesting. Take a look, maybe there'll even be something you'll enjoy!


Reflecting on 2023

Looking back on what this year had in store


Self-hosting my blog

This blog now proudly served from my home!

In search of a more personal internet

About the state of discoverability of online content these days.

Kicking it old school

Talking about my experience working on some software written in C using vim.

On Rebuilding My Website

Discussing my motivations behind the latest rebuild of my site as well as my choice of tools for this iteration.

Gameboy Devlog: Sprite Sizes

Talking about my learnings after running my Gameboy game on real hardware for the first time.


DOMEjam retrospective

Reflecting on a small game I developed for DOMEjam in 2020.


Load Testing SNS & Lambda in AWS

Lessons from running load tests against an SNS/Lambda integration in AWS.

My Hacktoberfest 2018 Experience

A post about my first time participating in Hacktoberfest.

What It's Like To Work Through A Security Incident

Recounting my experience of dealing with a security incident at my workplace

The key(board) to happiness

A blog version of my lightning talk about keyboards.

Optimizing your .NET Core Docker image size with multi-stage builds

An guide to minimising your .NET Core Docker image sizes.

Building a 60% keyboard: a DZ60 build guide

A walkthrough of my very first time building a mechanical keyboard.


Continuously Deploying Your Infrastructure: How & Why

A discussion of applying common CI practices to infrastructure-as-code

React without npm, Babel, or webpack

A look at how to get started using React without all the requirements of package managers and bundlers.

Lessons Learnt Developing Face Invaders

A small summary of lessons from developing a mobile game in Unity.