Chris Lewis

About Me

I'm a Software Developer living in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm fascinated with the greater picture of software development, especially the ebb and flow of projects from inception through iteration and final delivery!

Current Work

I'm focused on full-stack development. Think .NET backends, MVC/JS frontends and the like. Then sprinkle in some DevOps too.

We've been trying out cool new cloud-driven designs, but I wrangle my share of legacy code for sure!

What I've Been Up To

Epic Bug Hunt: The Case of the Missing Forms - (2017) - recorded talk I gave at Melbourne Alt.NET.

Continuously Deploying Your Infrastructure - (2017) - blog post based on a lightning talk I gave at DDD By Night.

Given . When . Then - (2017) - a little web tool for describing test cases in given-when-then format.

Hearthfinder - (2016) - a Hearthstone card browser.

Face Invaders - (2014) - a fast-paced, family-friendly mobile game.